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The best franchises offer a methodology plotting a course to the highest profits, and a Click IT franchise not only provides this but also offers its franchise owners the ability to directly impact these profits. The sky's the limit when you own a Click IT Franchise which offers services, products, and solutions 96.7% of people living in the U.S. use and need help with every day, everywhere. To learn more, simply fill out the form below and click "Send".

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Wake up every morning feeling proud of your accomplishments and enthusiasm for the products & services you provide. Enjoy the freedom of being the boss, coupled with the security and support that comes along with owning a Click IT franchise. If you want a business you can enjoy working at every day while making a decent living, in 2019 Click IT offers a unique ground-floor opportunity. 


You Don't Need Experience But Only Need to Like People

Anyone with drive, ambition and a unquenching desire to succeed can become a Click IT franchise owner. You don't need a technical background. We will teach you. We do require that you like to help people, generally speaking of course.


Proven Business Model with Perfected Systems

Be a part of a business model and top-franchise opportunity that has been perfected, implemented and proven to be successful year-after-year. We ourselves ate our own dog food, figuratively speaking, for six years perfecting and proving our model before every attempting to sell a franchise. You'll be joining a dedicated team with perfected systems.


Provide Needs-Based Products, Solutions & Services

As "Your Local I.T. Department" for both businesses and consumers abound, your customers will depend on you for all their critical I.T. needs, including protecting their computer, data, digital communications such as email, and fixing their cracked laptop or tablet screens. As a franchise owner, you get to pick up to 12 I.T. categories to special in.


Convenient Conventional Hours & Passive Income Potential

Unlike other franchise opportunities, our stores aren't open late or on Sundays, and operate normal business hours. You have the freedom to build a schedule that works for you, based around your needs. Unlike food franchises, a Click IT franchise store is reasonable to open and easy to manage. You can either actively work in the franchise yourself or hire a store manager, so ownership creates passive income for you and your family.

Join the 27 billion dollar US Technology Market

Northeast Ohio’s most trusted name in computer services

Our mission is to help organizations and individuals succeed in using technology to its fullest benefits, to enhance our customers' lives in realizing their vision, by making I.T. easier to improve the quality of life for them personally and for their business's bottom line.


The Most Valued Franchise in the Business Services Segment. Learn More About Our Franchise Opportunity.

Our franchise owners are business professionals, trusted advisors to their clients, and I.T. Service experts. They are able to be all of these things because they take advantage of the guidance, resources and strong support of the franchise and its staff at its corporate store that ensures their success. Our superior service offering include:

Exceptional Vendor Relationships and Pricing connects you with industry leaders that help you provide first-class services to your clients. We have worked hard to build successful relationships with the industry’s best vendors, providing our franchisees with a higher level of services and unmatched profit margins.

Initial New Owner Training is a comprehensive three-phase, on-site experience that will prepare you to be a successful technology-based business owner. It includes 100 hours of both classroom training and on-the-job coaching at our corporate store to help you as you launch your new business.

Ongoing Training is available to all of our owners, so everyone can reap the benefits and utilize all of the programs and vendor relationships that are offered. We host several live training sessions on new product lines and marketing tactics throughout the year to make sure you are able to take advantage of the initiatives that will help make you successful. The most valuable resource is being able to log into our websites to use our interactive knowledge base such as displayed at www.clickitrepairs.com and your exchange with our franchise staff who are available anytime. We are a proud partner in your business and want you to be successful.

Complete Franchise Office Package that includes access to our ingenious marketing strategy which includes access to the back end of our dozens of professionally designed and managed corporate websites that generate your location business. You also get a Click IT email address, and access to our appointment scheduling, tracking, and management of client technology systems, along with the systems to complete your client invoicing and collections.

Resources to help you be successful are regularly provided through our websites, which focus on each area of I.T. concentration. (See Click IT Division of I.T. Services, Products and Solutions.) These resources include current information on new vendor relationships, sales & marketing resources that can help increase your lead flow and offer tips on how to effectively follow-up and track leads, and a forum to interact and gain knowledge from fellow franchise owners.

Sales & Marketing Support provided through a variety of full-circle programs and training materials. Our Sales & Marketing support touches almost every marketing medium and channel to help your campaigns be robust and successful. (See Click IT Prospector.) Some of the program options in our co-op advertising plan include a Telemarketing Brand Management Program, an Email Marketing Program with provided monthly content, Social Media guidance, and content, and Presentations that you can utilize at client meetings or networking events.

Low Start-Up Costs help our Click IT franchise owners stay flexible and give them the opportunity to take advantage of marketing programs to help generate an initial client base, and vendor pricing to help drive down initial costs.

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Talk to a local IT Service expert at your nearest Click IT today! Since 2012, we have committed ourselves to provide exceptional managed I.T. services, quality repairs, and upgrades and the best deals on new and pre-owned computer equipment. We can even help you with your website and get you to the top of search engines.

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