Targeted Franchise Locations

List of US States Where Protected Territories are Available

Click IT franchise owners receive complimentary site selection services from our staff, who conduct a thorough search and negotiate on their behalf at no cost. Our team pays close attention to the demographics of the evaluated places to find the best location for a successful Click IT store in the franchise owner's city. We believe that selecting an ideal place is essential for the success of our franchise model.

States Targeted for Opening Click IT Stores

California - Pending

Maryland - Applying soon
Minnesota - Applying soon

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York - Pending
North Carolina
North Dakota - Applying soon

Rhode Island - Applying soon
South Carolina
South Dakota
Virginia - Pending
Washington - Applying soon
West Virginia
Wisconsin - Applying soon

Click IT Franchise Location Strategy

Protected Territories

Click IT franchisees are provided with awarded protected territories that offer the following advantages:

  1. Commercial Leasing Partner: We work with franchisees and our commercial leasing partner to find all available places for lease in the selected area, across all asset classes of commercial real estate.
  2. Lease Comps: We give franchisees access to Lease Comps, which provide comprehensive reports that help us understand whether a leased place is in line with market rates in the city.
  3. Market and Sub-Market Analytics: We have access to in-depth market and sub-market analytics for every location we focus on, which helps us understand the dollar-per-foot costs in the city and state. High vacancies in sub-markets give us leverage in our dollar-per-foot negotiations.
  4. Owner Contact Information: We identify the true owner's contact information for the places we select based on favorable demographic data. This gives us the ability to reach out directly to the owners of any available commercial property for lease we select. Often we find owners without broker representation, which can save money on the lease transaction.
  5. Demographics: Demographic data about the area's population and the makeup of that market area is crucial, as it tells us which places have the best distribution in population for both businesses and residents, and how many targeted eyeballs a location receives daily or monthly. We make additional information available, such as traffic counts, household incomes, home values, and much more, which is customizable geographically. This data is often displayed in a text file (spreadsheet) or by creating a heat map with colors indicating population density, for instance.
  6. Drive-Time Indicator: We also gather information on how many office tenants are within a 15-minute drive of your potential store location. The tools we use for gathering and examining all this data can also be used by our franchise owners as an indication of whom they should start reaching out to directly, as the new Click IT store prepares to open in that area.

Territory Criteria

The type of businesses inside the awarded radius doesn't really matter. Most Click IT business customers are under 100 employees, so the emphasis is on servicing small businesses. Some Click IT stores may want to focus on servicing larger customers, and that's okay too. Servicing local residences helps build a store's reputation and recognition, and will be a source for referrals to a Click IT Store. Fixing residents' computers and taking care of their maintenance, as well as providing many other IT products, services, and solutions to them, including doing house calls.

Focused Areas

Outside the Cleveland/Akron metropolitan area, we are also focused on locating franchise stores in the following states:

  1. Ohio
  2. Kentucky
  3. Michigan
  4. Indiana
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. West Virginia

The States shaded in light blue on the map above are states where Click IT Franchises are currently available. If you want to purchase a franchise in a State shaded in orange or dark blue, then we will consider registering in that State. Master Franchise Agreements and Area Development Agreements are also available at negotiable discounts. For more information see

What We Look For:

Space Requirements: 750 to 1,600 Square Feet

Cost per Square Foot: $8 to $35 triple net (depending on quality and traffic)

Landlord: A friendly owner who is willing to work with you and will give your free months of rent and a build-out allowance. Remember the 3 "Ns": Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate. Finding a space that has already been built out, an old Subway store with a counter, for instance, will save money.

Minimum Demographics

An awarded protected territory must have a minimum of 3,000 businesses and 60,000 residences inside a 5-mile radius. Below are the minimum demographic data we look for when working with the franchise owner in selecting an ideal location:

  1. 60,000 residents or greater
  2. 3,000 businesses or greater
  3. $65,000 median household income
  4. $175,000 average housing unit value
  5. 5,000 automobile passages per day

Minimum Demographics

Below are the minimum demographic data we look for within a 5-mile radius, when selecting a location:

  1. 60,000 residents or greater
  2. 3,000 businesses or greater
  3. $65,000 Medium household income
  4. $175,000 average housing unit value
  5. 5,000 automobile passages per day

NOTE: In May 2021, in order to provide the best possible expertise in commercial real estate to our new franchise owners, Click IT entered into a partnership with FGP Commercial Leasing.

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