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Below are frequently asked questions about Click IT Franchise. Click on the plus sign (+) for the answer. Of course, you can learn more directly from us by submitting our Let's Get Acquainted form. We look forward to it.

Does Click IT Offer a Mentoring Program?

Click IT offers business coaching, on an invitation-only basis, to those who have completed the basic requirements in our Franchise Candidacy Program, with the added benefit of an exclusively reserved territory for 60 days, while going through all the necessary preparation tasks necessary to purchase a franchise and officially receiving the awarded territory.  This program offers an excellent opportunity for top performers to accelerate the process of becoming an owner-operator. To date, 3 franchise owner-operators have taken advantage of this program to reach their goals of business ownership.

How to Start a Successful Computer Repair Business?

As a Managed Services franchise, Click IT also provides repair services. We provide everything our franchise owners need to begin and operate their business. Insurance is an important component to any business, as this article stresses. Much of what's discussed in this article (found at we provide to the awardees of our franchise.

Why You Don't Have to be a Techie to Own a Click IT Franchise?

I recently read an article in CIO Magazine that discusses how one organization leader was able to redefine his IT department and make it more focused. They came up with 30 titles, down from 183 out of 250 employees.

It made me realize that what we have done at Click IT is closely related, where we took the major disciplines of IT and broke them down into the major categories, we call divisions because each is a specialty in their own right. The key to our franchise owners' success will not be in hiring the skill set necessary to implement and run these divisions, because we have chosen the best-in-class of all these services, and then have created or use web portals (or a series of systems) in order to implement and manage these services for customers. It works and we have proven it in our model store. Our IT staff is trained in managing these systems, so the skill-set and knowledge needed are all built into our back-end. This is why we say that you don't have to be a techie to own a Click IT Franchise.

You can read that article here:

What Makes Click IT Different From Other IT Businesses?

Most IT providers don't hear from a customer until something breaks - and at that point, the problem is often critical and is having a huge negative effect on the customer. We will jump into critical situations and help resolve them. Still, our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with a customer and become an advisor who provides routine maintenance of their systems so that major problems are avoided. See Why Click IT is Better and Different.

Can I Have a Partner and Can My Partner Come to Training?

Yes, you and your business partner can come to training. Click IT encourages a collaborative environment and welcomes all stakeholders who want to be trained. However, your franchise fee only includes the cost of training two individuals during your days spent at our company store. Please refer to our members portal for a complete overview of your franchise onboarding.

How Do I Get a Copy of Click IT's Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

The FDD outlines in detail the partnership between the franchisor and the franchisees. During our Discovery Process, you will receive access to the Click IT FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), which becomes available to our enrolled franchise candidates once they have reached level 3 of the program. First, we will discuss the business opportunity and collect preliminary information to determine whether you qualify for the franchise investment and can enter our franchise candidacy program. To get started quickly and easily, take our Personality Traits Test or fill out and submit our Let's Get Acquainted form

What is the Timeline to Open?

Upon completion of the Click IT Discovery Process and Candidacy Program and signing of the Franchise Agreement (FA), the franchise will be awarded. The most important next step is to start the work to find your ideal location, and this begins by working with our commercial realty experts, who will guide you through the process. We work with you one-on-one to get you through the series of meetings and tasks necessary to open your store, with everything outlined in our store's portal, provided exclusively for owners.  Ultimately, you'll attend our 3-day training at our company store followed by graduation and the official launch of your very own Click IT franchise.

What Type of Franchise Candidate is Click IT Looking For?

Click IT owners come from a variety of backgrounds. Sales, technical, project management, marketing, and finance experience is helpful when starting up; however, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial vision are what truly make the difference. Click IT offers extensive training in all functional areas to help owners from all backgrounds succeed in creating financial independence. We ask that all those interested in our franchise take our Personality Traits Test, which not only will quickly tell us if you match some of the most basic criteria, but you'll learn a lot about yourself as well. Click HERE to learn more and take the test.

What Are the Primary Responsibilities of a Click IT Franchise Owner?

Click IT owners focus on managing the business. They are primarily responsible for acquiring and developing clients and building a team to deliver premium IT support. These responsibilities are streamlined by Click IT's world-class sales, service delivery training, and lead generation programs. Click IT owners manage all financial and operational aspects of the business.

Can You Tell Me More About Franchise Owner Support?

Our most important responsibility as a franchise is to support our franchise owners and thrive with their success. Below is an outline of all we offer to help our franchise, from our Operations Manual that can be referred to easily to a dedicated Sales and Marketing Web Portal completely dedicated to assisting our franchise owners in growing their businesses fast. Our assistance is unsurpassed. This is a promise we give to all our franchise owners. Use the menu in this portal to gain access to these pages, or refer to our Operations Manual.

  1. Initial Training Program
  2. Leasehold Improvements
  3. Cost Of Furniture, Fixtures, Tools, Etc.
  4. Floor Plan
  5. Order Build-Out Items, Apparel And More
  6. Personnel Advisory
  7. Marketing Click IT 101
  8. What An IT Department Does
  9. Industries We Served
  10. Key-Customer Criteria
  11. Shop Discount Codes
  12. Keyword List
  13. Lead Generators
  14. Best Year Yet
  15. Events At Headquarters
  16. Marketing Avenues
  17. Click IT Prospecting Tools

We have a dedicated portal for our franchise owners at as well as a Knowledgebase portal.

How To Operate in Today's COVID Environment?

What's The Fastest Way To Get Started?

Taking our Personality Traits Test is the fastest way to get started. Once your test results have been received, you will be guided as far as what to do next, step by step. At some point, a Franchise Development Representative will contact you to discuss your situation and schedule a personal meeting as appropriate, although we have created a self-guided and easily self-directed candidacy program available online at

What is the Initial Franchise Fee?

Each new franchisee currently pays an individual franchise fee of $59,996, before any discounts are applied, to acquire a Click IT franchise for the basic 15-year term of the franchise agreement. If you qualify, you may renew for an additional 10 years for an individual franchise fee of $30,000. [PENDING LEGAL APPROVAL/REWRITE]

How Much Cash Do I Need?

Together, you and any potential investors will need a minimum of $50,000 in liquid assets to qualify for ownership of a Click IT franchise. To open a Click IT franchise store, you will need a minimum of $125,000 or $225,000 if you include our top-tier suggestions. If you prefer to own the real estate and building, you will need additional liquid assets, depending on the location and current commercial real estate prices. Our commercial real estate professionals can address your questions regarding the cost of renting versus purchasing the location during our location search phase.

How Much Exactly Does It Cost to Open a Click IT Store?

According to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, the total Initial Investment to open a Click IT store is $119,521 to $218,773, which includes the Initial Franchise Fee of $49,996 for a franchise and additional funds of $20,000 to $50,000 for anticipated working capital. Because the service fees and local marketing expenditure costs are based on gross revenues, the dollar amounts will vary from Click IT Store to Click IT Store. Therefore, service fees and local marketing expenditures are not included in the total initial investment. All expenditures listed in Item 7 are non-refundable, out-of-pocket expenses.

Click Here to Learn More

What is Your Current Royalty Fee?

We call it a "Continuing Licensing Fee" as opposed to royalty because, beyond the licensing aspects of our franchise, we also like to convey the ongoing support we provide our franchise network. Currently, it’s six percent (6%) of gross sales. We also have a brand marketing fund, currently set at 1%.

Am I Given Territory Protection?
Do I Have to Purchase My Equipment and Services Through Click IT?

Although you will not purchase equipment and services you resell directly from us, we’ll literally sit down with you and guide you through your ordering process. Getting properly set up so you can service your customers is essential to operational success. All necessary equipment and services, however, will be purchased through our approved independent dealers, distributors, and service providers based on the specifications we provide.

Do I Have to Work in the Click IT Store?

Yes, absolutely. Click IT expects nothing less than full-time, hands-on engagement from our owner-operators. As an owner-operator, you’ll work in the store with your team to ensure excellence in execution. That is key to delivering the hometown computer services in the concierge-style manner that Click IT is known for. An owner-operator must maintain at least 50 percent ownership in the business, or at least 25 percent in the business and real estate, and be involved full-time in day-to-day operations.

Who is Responsible for Advertising?
Do I Receive Training from Click IT

Yes. All owner-operators complete an intense franchisee development program, covering every position in the store as well as how to open your IT services store. The cost of this training is already included in the initial franchise fee for up to 2 people. Franchisees pay their own costs for transportation, lodging, and meals. All training takes place in our company-owned store at 16 S Main Street in Chagrin Falls village, 20 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.

Do I Receive Assistance in Opening My Click IT Store?

Yes. In addition to your training program, a Click IT opening team will travel to your location and work with you for 3 days prior to your store opening.  Optionally, you can pay for extra assistance at your option, or use our company store for your employee training until you've established a training regiment at your own store. Our knowledge base provides guidance regarding hiring and training your employees and what certification, for example, to look for when interviewing. As a new owner-operator, you will receive unwavering assistance from Click IT's franchise support team to help ensure opening your store is as seamless as possible and that every customer leaves satisfied.

How Soon Can I Open My Click IT Store Once I Have Successfully Completed Training?

Depending on the time it takes to hire your team, we estimate that there may be as little as two (2) but up to six (6) months before you open your store, from the time you sign the franchise agreement (FA)..

How Much Money Can I Make?

Unfortunately, federal and state laws prevent us from suggesting how much money you can earn from operating a Click IT store. The amount of money you may make will depend on many factors, including the location of your Click IT store, traffic flow, local marketing and advertising, the cost of your investment, and other factors.

How well you manage your business, control variable costs, and execution of your operations will correlate with how much money you can make.

We do publish Financial Performance Representations in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This Financial Performance Representation contains certain historical gross sales information for existing Click IT stores, historical gross sales, and certain cost information for a limited number of Click IT or affiliate-owned stores. Upon receiving our FDD, please review it for complete information regarding this Financial Performance Representation.

Read an article about this most important subject matter here.

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