Below is a list of benefits, Click IT Franchise will provide our awarded franchisees when finding and selecting their place of business in Fort Collins, Colorado:

  1. We work directly with the franchisee and our commercial leasing partner to find all the available places for lease in the selected area of Fort Collins, Colorado in every asset class of Commercial Real Estate.
  2. We give our franchisees access to Lease Comps, which are comprehensive reports that will help us understand if a leased place is in line with market rates in that city.
  3. We have access to in-depth Market and Sub-Market Analytics for every location we focus our attention on. This helps us understand the dollar-per-foot costs in the city and state. High vacancies in sub-markets give us leverage in our dollar-per-foot negotiations.
  4. We identify the true owners' contact information for the places we select based on favorable demographic data.  This gives us the ability to reach out directly to the owners of any available commercial property for lease we select. Often we find owners without broker representation which can save money on the lease transaction.
  5. Demographics:  The data about the Denver, Colorado area's population and the makeup of that market area is the information we find the most key since it tells us what places have the best distribution in population for both businesses and residents and how many targeted eyeballs a location receives daily or monthly. So, we make available in our studies additional information such as traffic counts, household incomes, home values, and much more; customizable geographically.  This data is often displayed in a text file (spreadsheet) or by creating a “heat-map” with colors indicating population density, for instance.
  6. Drive-time indicator:  We also are able to gather information on how many office tenants are within a 15-minute drive, for instance, of your potential store location.  The tools we use for gathering and examining all this data can also be used by our franchise owners as an indication of who they should start reaching out to directly, as the new Click IT store prepares to open in that area.

What we look for in awarding a protected territory is an area of Fort Collins, Colorado that has a minimum of 3,000 businesses and 60,000 residence inside a 5-mile radius. (See Tool Used to Evaluate Territories.) The type of businesses inside this radius doesn't really matter. Most Click IT business customers are under 100 employees, so the emphasis is on servicing small businesses. Some Click IT stores, however, will want to focus on servicing larger customers, and that's okay too. Servicing local residences helps build a store's reputation, recognition, and will be a source for referrals to a Click IT Store. Fixing residents' computers and taking care of their maintenance, as well as providing the many other IT products, services, and solutions to them, including doing house-calls, will help spread the word rapidly. The most important outcome in positioning a store in a visible location with strong demographics is so our franchise owners to be very successful.


Zip City County
80525 Fort Collins Larimer
80526 Fort Collins Larimer
80521 Fort Collins Larimer
80524 Fort Collins Larimer
80528 Fort Collins Larimer
80701 Fort Morgan Morgan
80621 Fort Lupton Weld
81133 Fort Garland Costilla
81038 Fort Lyon Bent