Mission, Texas

Protected Territory: The map below shows a radius of 5 miles around the center of Mission, Texas. This is an area under consideration for development, where a Click IT Store may be located.

Using the interactive map below is a quick and easy way to gauge prospective Click IT customers inside this area. Click on a category in the left column of the map to see who in that category is within 5-miles of this location.

Note about Map's Limits: When you click on a category in the left column, the map limits the maximum results to 20 and so no more than 20 locations will show per category. This is because Google Map's API used in this application charges now after a maximum amount of calls to its servers are reached. We limit the results to 20 to keep costs down. A future version of this application will have a method for easily seeing more results without incurring additional costs.

Click on the button below to see the stats for this area.

Note: Once the exact location for opening a Click IT store has been determined, if the population inside a radius of 5 miles (the "Protected Territory") exceeds 150,000 residents and 3,000 businesses, the Initial Franchise Fee will increase by $100 per additional 1,000 residents and $500 per additional 100 businesses. Use this spreadsheet to calculate the additional cost of the franchise fee: Click Here. If the franchise candidate does not desire to serve this entire territory, fewer census tracks will be selected around the perimeter of the location to lower the population of the protected area to a more manageable population so that the franchise fee does not increase.

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