Below is a form to be used to reserve a territory. To open this PDF form in a new tab, click here.

Why Reserve a Territory?

Providing franchise candidates the ability to reserve a territory while they move through our candidate-selection process gives them the opportunity to keep their place in line and the selected area reserved for 30 days. We make this option available so there is time for the franchise candidate to, for example, explore what lease spaces are available, review the disclosure documents, secure financing, or whatever they feel they need more time to do. It also gives us at Click IT the time to evaluate the candidate, without feeling the need to rush.

Little to No Risk

If Click IT does not decide to move forward within those 30 days and does not award the proposed candidate with the chosen territory as described in this document, then your reservation fee will be returned in full. Also, the reservation fee will act as a deposit and will be fully applied to the franchise fee if the franchise candidate IS awarded the territory. This document, once executed, can also be used to assure a lender of our commitment together in moving forward.

Researching Your Area

Click IT researches a territory for its candidates which consists of demographics and a map showing what's around that area's center. Using this map, you can quickly gauge prospective Click IT store customers by clicking the categories. See

To open this PDF form in a new tab, click here.

Territory Reservation Form