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How to Find Your Click IT Store Retail Space


You also can search for commercial real estate portals that are free to use. Some charge a subscription fee before you\'re able to search. (Note: Loopnet had been publishing demographic information on their listings, but this feature has been removed recently. We are investigating this further, and are looking for software that can help further with data on potential locations.

Here\'s a list of many of the commercial property websites we recommend using:

What to Look For:

Space Requirements: 750 to 1,600 Square Feet

Cost per Square Foot: $8 to $35 triple net (depending on quality and traffic)

Landlord: A friendly owner who is willing to work with you and will to give your free months of rent and a build-out allowance. Remember the 3 "Ns": Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate. Finding a space which has already been built-out, an old Subway store with a counter, for instance, will save you money.

Demographic Data:

The tool we had been using for summary demographic data from LoopNet has disappeared, so we are looking for a replacement such as eSite Analytics. In the meantime, for demographics, we are using the US government's census site, which recently has been improved.

To use the territory map we created for you, which gives a good sense of your prospective Click IT customers in the area, be sure to watch the instructional video on this page:

Let us know what spaces you're finding that you think will work. We can help you more once you've narrowed it down. Our staff lawyer, Bob, can also study any leases and we all have at Click IT corporate a lot of experience in leasing space.

It is important to research the total residential and business population in your selected territory.

Below are websites to go to for conducting demographic research:


    1. For example,

Visual Statistical Maps

Two statistical maps were created for Click IT by Graham Barlow of Tech4t, which offers very powerful visual statistical tools for franchisors.



Below is Graham's contact information:

Office Tel:01733890790
Direct Tel:01733887082
Mobile Tel:07802823052
Intnl. Tel:+441733890790
[email protected] | W:

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