Initiating Communications with Franchise Candidates

How to communicate to Click IT that you have a franchise candidate for consideration, and what triggers Emails from Click IT:


    1. Register Territory - If you are a broker representing a potential candidate, the first step is to register a territory for them using the form available from your brokers' portal, such as the Franchise Brokers Association - FBA. This will register the territory and alert Click IT that you have a potential candidate at the beginning stages of an investigation. It does NOT trigger any communications with that candidate directly from Click IT. It WILL, however, trigger a set of emails to you, the broker, to help in providing information about Click IT Franchise, and remind you of the registration.


    1. Candidate Submission - To begin the first sequence of communications directly from Click IT, the candidate (or broker) must submit their information using the Basic Franchise Candidate Submission Application Form. (This information can also be submitted by the broker, where their name is entered under "Referrer's Name".) The submission of this form triggers a series of emails to the candidate from Click IT. In these emails, the goal is to get the candidate to "Register" at the Click IT Franchise, which is the first step in our process. Once registered, the candidate is brought to an introduction page which asked that they sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Once the NDA is signed and returned, through the Click IT Group portal they then have access to the Members Area which is filled with information about the franchise, including a checklist outlining our review, acceptance, and rewarding process.

"Time kills all deals!"

When we are alerted of a possible candidate, until the candidate (or broker) fills out the Submission Application Form, no email, phone call or communications of any kind will come from Click IT. This is an important distinction, because a lot of the time, the brokers who reserve a territory are just looking at the possibility their client may be interested in this type of franchise, and until it is discussed and the right time, there is no sense overwhelming the candidate with information. However, time "kills all deal", and if you find yourself too busy to communicate with all your interested parties, then, by all means, fill out the form so we can start the process.

Calling All Professionals Who Can Find Click IT Candidates

If you are helping someone interested in franchises, make sure you let us know at Click IT by Registering Yourself. To help you in your efforts to coach your clients, your Account Page contains links to information that will help in educating them about the benefits of franchising, particularly focused on the Click IT franchise.

Please feel free to make an appointment with AL Harlow if you'd like to discuss any candidates you have in mind before submitting their information. We're here to help.