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What Makes Click IT Franchise Better Than Any Other in IT Security Franchise

Click IT Secure Provides a Total Solution to Data Vulnerability

At this very moment, the biggest cyber-attack the world has ever seen is claiming victims. CALL CLICK IT for answers. We have solutions which are designed to protect you from cyber-crime.


Offer the Best-In-Class Computer & Internet Franchise and Managed IT Services to a Growing Network of Appreciative Clients

Virus Protection That's Managed Constantly!

Click IT's anti-virus is enterprise-level and managed for the best in virus and malware protection. It is typically only available to larger corporations, but we have partnered with the best-in-class services to allow us to bring this level of service to individuals. Click IT customers who demand the absolute best in tested and proven virus protection, our MANAGED virus protection is proactively preventing viruses from penetrating the clients' systems. With Click IT's Anti-Virus solution, you'll never have to worry again about it being out-of-date because we're managing it all for you in the background.


IT Security

The complete Click IT Secure solution will get your business or home fully protected from ransomware, cyber-criminals and crime-ware for a reasonable price.

Recently, a ransomware virus shut down thousands of businesses across 150 countries and infected hundreds of thousands of computer networks, and it will happen again according to the experts. In recognizing this challenge, Click IT developed a comprehensive solution to data-vulnerability and is now offering it at an affordable and reasonable price to businesses and organizations nationwide.


Malware Monitoring

Do you want to know what is trying to get onto your system? Under our Care Complete! subscription, Click IT remotely monitors your computer systems. If a virus does happen to sneak in, we will contact you immediately to arrange a plan to remove any malware before it can do damage.

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As an essential business, we have remained open daily during the pandemic, with normal business hours. Get Started Now, or call us to begin exploring the possibilities of owning a thriving Click IT store in your community.