Territory Cost Calculation

After the first 5 franchises are awarded, Click IT Franchise will be implementing the use of the following cost calculator, to adjust the franchise fee according to the business and resident population.

When purchasing a territory, the franchise owner has two choices:

  1. If the population inside a radius of 5 miles (the "Protected Territory") exceeds 150,000 residents and 3,000 businesses, the Initial Franchise Fee will increase by $100 per additional 1,000 residents and $500 per additional 100 businesses. Use this spreadsheet to calculate the additional cost of the franchise fee: Click Here.
  2. If the franchise owner does not desire to serve an expanded territory, fewer census tracks will be awarded around the perimeter of the location to lower the population of the protected area to a more manageable population and so that the franchise fee does not increase beyond the standard cost of $39,996. See our discount schedule.

To learn more about territories under consideration, go to https://www.clickitfranchise.com/territories-being-evaluated/.