Important Considerations When Shopping for a Franchise

Q1: Does Click IT provide any coaching or training before full commitment?

A1: Yes, Click IT offers a 30-day program to prepare candidates for business ownership, covering all aspects of running a Click IT business without any financial obligation unless coaching and territory reservation are requested. This includes creating a business plan with financial spreadsheets, using provided templates.

Q2: What kind of support does Click IT offer to new business owners?

A2: Once officially an owner, Click IT provides comprehensive support through a dedicated portal, offering assistance with store setup, staff training, system support (accounting, quoting systems, online store integration), and marketing materials for grand openings. There's also hands-on support for setting up the store and ongoing business operations.

Q3: How does Click IT differentiate its brick-and-mortar locations from competitors?

A3: Click IT utilizes its brick-and-mortar presence not just for computer repairs but also to introduce managed services to customers. This approach helps in upselling services and starting conversations about a range of IT solutions, thereby differentiating from typical computer repair shops.

Q4: What strategies does Click IT employ to attract both consumer and business clients?

A4: Click IT leverages its physical stores to attract walk-in consumers while focusing on offering managed services to the local small business community. Their goal is to serve as many small businesses as possible, utilizing customer referrals and reputation management to grow their client base.

Q5: Can franchise owners employ their own marketing and procurement strategies?

A5: Yes, franchise owners are encouraged to be creative in their business strategies without strict restrictions on marketing or procurement. They have the freedom to share ideas through platforms like Slack and are not required to exclusively use Click IT's suppliers, fostering an environment of innovation and mutual learning.

Q6: What does the franchise onboarding process involve?

A6: The onboarding process includes signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), attending an initial compatibility meeting, and enrolling in a 30-day exploration program. This program includes meetings to understand the franchise in depth, covering financial aspects, business operations, and access to confidential information across three levels of exposure.

Q7: What initial investment is required to start a Click IT franchise?

A7: Once logged into the portal, you'll be provided with exact figures. Typically, a franchise's initial investments include franchise fees, equipment costs, initial inventory, marketing for the grand opening, and working capital to cover the business operations until it becomes profitable. Click IT provides templates and guidance for creating a business plan, which includes financial planning.

Q8: How does Click IT assist with location selection and store setup?

A8: Click IT offers support in opening new stores, as indicated by our recent involvement in setting up our newest store in Utah. This includes training for staff and the owner, system support, and marketing materials for the grand opening. Assistance with location selection likely involves analyzing demographics, competition, and market potential to ensure the location aligns with Click IT's business model and growth strategies.

Q9: What is the revenue model for a Click IT franchise? How do franchisees make money?

A9: The revenue model for Click IT franchises includes offering over a hundred items, focusing on managed IT services, computer repair, and upselling services to both consumers and local businesses. The model emphasizes recurring revenue through managed services, differentiating it from traditional repair shops by offering comprehensive IT solutions.

Q10: What ongoing support does Click IT provide to its franchisees?

A10: Ongoing support includes full system support (accounting, quoting, online store integration), access to marketing materials tailored for each location, and advice on operations and customer service. Click IT encourages sharing of best practices among franchisees through platforms like Slack, indicating a collaborative approach to growth and problem-solving.

Q11: Are there exclusive territories for Click IT franchises?

A11: While not directly mentioned, franchises often offer exclusive territories to prevent internal competition. Prospective franchisees are encouraged to discuss territory rights and exclusions during their initial compatibility meeting to understand the scope of their potential market.

Q12: What kind of training does Click IT provide to franchise owners and their employees?

A12: Click IT offers a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of running the business, including a detailed focus on service offerings, customer service, and backend support systems. This includes both the initial 30-day preparation program for franchise candidates and specific training for staff and owners, as exemplified by the support provided for the Utah store opening.

Q13: How does Click IT handle competition and market differentiation?

A13: Click IT differentiates itself through a unique sales strategy that combines brick-and-mortar visibility with comprehensive managed IT services, unlike competitors that may only offer basic repair services. This approach, coupled with engagement in community and small business IT needs, positions Click IT as a full-service IT solution provider.

Q14: What is Click IT's approach to marketing and customer acquisition?

A14: Click IT employs a multifaceted approach to marketing, focusing on both consumer walk-ins and the local small business community. Marketing materials are provided for grand openings, and franchisees are encouraged to engage in local networking and utilize reputation management tools to build a strong local presence.