Robert Rosenfeld

Mr. Rosenfeld holds both a professional law degree (J.D.) and a research degree (LL.M.) from the University of Manitoba. He has been employed by the federal government in adjudicative positions; was a magistrate for a common pleas court; and, hearing officer for the Ohio Supreme Court. 

He has over forty years of experience in contract matters, business organizations, not-for-profit organizations, commercial law, and, general legal matters.  He has represented a national bank, small businesses,  international corporations, and individuals from all over the world. 

He has taught in numerous paralegal education programs, and, other college-level courses.


The Role of Motherboard, Inc’s Legal Department:

Dear Prospective Franchisor,

Motherboard maintains an in-house legal department which is available to you or your attorney for consultations regarding start-up issues, IE., corporate organization, financing, retail store document review, etc. While not your attorney, per se, it is available from the initial phases of your purchase of a franchise through opening your Click IT Store. Its role is to head off problems that Motherboard has seen or anticipated will occur; not to give you specific legal advice. Motherboard recommends that you have your own attorney; Mr. Rosenfeld is ready and willing to act closely with him.

Robert C Rosenfeld, LL.M., is its Vice President for Legal Affairs. Mr. Rosenfeld is licensed in Ohio. He has experience as a sole practitioner, legal educator, and, general counsel. He has forty-six years of experience representing small businesses. As an educator, he has taught Corporation and Business Law.