They are personable

It went fine. With regard to price, I don’t know because this is the first time I really ever had to use something like that. They monitor my system for $19.95 a month. For me, that is a pretty good value, because I’m an end user, and I’m really not too proficient at the details of the behind the scenes stuff with the computer. We have a small, part-time business from our home. My husband is a consultant. So it’s important that we have access to that. It was important that they were able to get a lot of the stuff that we needed out of the computer when the old one crashed. Maybe any consultant could have done that, but I don’t know. The only stuff that they couldn’t save was because the stuff on my crashed computer was so old that there was no way to extrapolate it to a newer thing. That wasn’t their problem. With regard to quality, I got a working computer. For something like that, there is not much middle ground. Hopefully, I won’t need to use them again other than maintenance. But I would use them if I needed to. It’s really hard to find somebody that we can relate to on a person to person basis. I have a local business and they are nearby for me. I have tried working with people online and over the phone, and it’s really very frustrating. They are personable. That’s really to me the best thing.

Description of work:

My computer had crashed. I had a non-functioning computer. So I took it in to them. They actually rebuilt me a computer and transferred as much of the stuff as they could retrieve. They helped me set it up. They now monitor me remotely for viruses and so forth. They just come in remotely and check certain things. If there is any garbage, they get it out for me.

Listed as an “A” on Angie’s List